Softwood (Paper /Board manufacturing industry)
Bleached (Sulphate) Long fibre Softwood Kraft Pulp made from Spruce and Pine, used in the paper/board manufacturing industries. This high quality pulp ensures low energy absorption and very good strength and formation of the paper/board manufactured with it.

Softwood (Melamine industry)
Magnefite Softwood bleached (with Oxygen) pulp with high brightness.

Hardwood (Paper /Board manufacturing industry)
Bleached hardwood sheet dried Kraft Pulp (Sulphate) used in paper/ board manufacturing industry. This high quality hardwood pulp is made from Birch/Eucalyptus and with high brightness.

Fluff Pulp
Both treated and Untreated environmentally friendly Fluff Pulp with high brightness used in pharmaceutical and diaper industries.

Spec Sheets for all above , available on request