Fourdrenier Based Security Papers

Watermarked or Un-watermarked Papers with various security features
The paper can be un watermarked or can have a bespoke customer specified watermark or a mill standard watermark. The watermark can be registered or all over (scattered) in electrotype or multi- tonal. Available in both reels and sheets in a variety of grammages.

The paper can be sensitized as per State Bank Of Pakistan regulation and react against 20 stipulated chemicals which all cheques (CBS-1) are required to have or can have even more extensive sensitivity to all known Chemical families to avoid tempering and counterfeit.

Additional features like Instant Verification, fibres/ hilites (visible and invisible) etc. etc. can be added on.

Generally used for printing all sorts of security documents viz Cheques, Bank Drafts, Pay Orders, Vouchers, Driving Registration Books, Degrees/certificates, Title Deeds, Share Certificates, Tickets etc.

The above papers are available with proper Mill / Lab certification and also certification from another independent source if so required.