Gummed Papers

PVA Gummed
The paper is PVA gummed on one side and face coated on the other side to ensure high quality print result. This can be watermarked or un watermarked and can have security features on it like hilites or fibres both visible and invisible (visible under UV light). This kind of paper is available in reels or sheets in a variety of grammages. The end use generally is postage stamps, both definitive and commemorative. It is also used for revenue stamps.

Self Adhesive
This is high security paper which is frangible and uses a very strong adhesive thus making it impossible to remove in one piece after being applied. One of its main end-uses is for Visa labels with various very high security features incorporated in the same. The paper is ideal for intaglio printing.
Postage and Revenue Stamps are also now being printed on self adhesive label papers for health reasons.