Packaging Board

Folding Box Board
OBA free Folding Box Board in Manila and White back with very high quality multi layered surface coating. This is also called micron board in view of its very high yield/stiffness due to the fact that it is made of virgin fibre. Used for general packaging and certified for food contact, special grade CTMP board specially used in the cigarette industry is also available .This quality is odourless and tasteless. Both qualities available in vide range of grammages in both reels and sheets.

Solid Bleached Sulphate board
This can be 1/side and 2/side coated and used for very high quality packaging. Available in sheets and reels in a variety of grammages.

Duplex / Triplex Boards
Grey, Manila and White Back Boards generally manufactured using recycled material with surface coating. Used for general packaging purposes. Available in reels and sheets in various grammages.

Coated Kraft Back Board
Its surface is coated and it has a kraft back. Mainly used for packing where cold storage is required and also other general packaging purposes. Available in reels in variety of grammages.

P.E.Coated Board
This is SBS board with PE extrusion on one side or both sides depending upon the end use. Main end uses are food and liquid packaging and cup stock. Available in both reels and sheets and multiple specs in a variety of grammages.

Spec Sheets for all above , available on request