Industrial Papers

Base Paper For OTC And Multi Use Carbon
Base paper in various grammages used for one time and muti use duplicating carbon paper. This is available in customer specified reel widths with standard mill diameter and core.

CF: Coated Front
CFB: Coated Front and Back
CB: Coated Back.

Laminating Papers and Films
a. Brown Kraft paper used for High Pressure Laminates in reels in 140/145 gsm.
b. Pre impregnated (phenolic) kraft paper used in High Pressure  Laminate industry in various grammages in sheets.
Both above used in Decorative laminates , post forming technical laminates and overlaid panels
c.Surface Films which are self bonding, used for overlaying of wood-based panels like plywood. Available in several grammages , colours ad widths.Mainly used in concrete shuttering / construction industry etc.

SCF: High Grade Semi Chemical Fluting made with virgin fibre. Used for packing of fruits and vegetables and also electronic appliances. Available in various grammages in reels of customer specific widths and mill standard diameter and core.

One Side Coated Paper
High quality OBA free with excellent stiffness used for flexible packaging and also for labeling purposes. Available in reels in customer specified widths and in various grammages.

a. Unbleached Sackkraft both extensible and semi extensible in variety of grammages in reels. Used for both 2 ply and 3 ply bag manufacture mainly for manufacturing sacks for cement , gypsum, lime, flour etc.
b. Unbleached MG Kraft plain or ribbed(one side glazed) in various grammages. Used for vide range of bags for fast foods, gifts, shopping bags, etc. and for multipurpose packaging. Available in a variety of grammages in reels. Certified for food contact.

Testliner / Interfluting
Unbleached recycled Kraft used in Corrugated Case materials. Available in various grammages in reels.

Tea Bag Filter Paper
High Grade Tea Bag filter paper in both heat seal and non heat seal qualities. Available in various specifications.

Spec Sheets for all above , available on request