Wood Free Coated and Uncoated

Stationery Papers
a. Letter Head Paper : High quality letter-head paper both watermarked and un-watermarked in various grammages, shades and finish (laid and wove). Availabel in reels, folio sheets and cut sizes (packed in boxes)

b. Envelope Paper: Available in reels in various grammages for manufacture of high quality envelopes.

Computer Stationery Paper
Available in various grammages in reels.

WFC - Graphical Paper
2 Side Coated Art Paper available in various grammmages in reels and folio sheets both in matt and gloss finish. Generally used for brochures , catalogues, luxury magazines, advertisement material etc.

WFU- Wood Free Uncoated
Available in both reels and sheets (folio and cut size packed in boxes) in various grammages and brightness levels, suitable for laser printers and photo copiers.

Spec Sheets for all above , available on request